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Cancelled - Zumba in the Park

Due to unfortunate circumstance we had to cancel the Zumba program. We hope to return either at a later date in 2023 nut if not we'll be back in 2024!

What's Zumba you ask? Zumba is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance - and every Every class feels like a party. Our program is open for everyone whether they're young, old, fit or not so fit!

Meet your Zumba instructor: Kelsey Pfister!

There is no other way I’d like to get my workout in than by dancing to music! I’ve lived in Coach Hill for 10 years and I’m excited to be back for another season of Zumba in the park! This class will work your body from head to toe. And what better way to enjoy exercise than outdoors in the sunshine? My playlist features both lower and higher intensity songs sure to make you sweat. Can’t wait to dance together!



Where: Cost:

What you need: Bring a towel, water bottle and wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes.

Email for any questions

Payment by E-transfer to


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