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Please note: we have recently moved to a new membership system. For help signing in, or purchasing a new membership please read the instructions detailed at the bottom of this page.

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Benefits of Being a CHPH Community Association Member

Are you interested in building and enjoying a greater sense of community? Then consider becoming a member of your local CHPH community association. Here are a few more benefits CHPH has to offer:

  • Community representation on planning and development issues

  • Updates on community successes, programs, events, interests, news 

  • Opportunity to have your voice in the ongoing affairs and activities of CHPH, including representation on community and regional committees and initiatives 

  • Chance to volunteer for fun CHPH events (ie. Stampede Breakfast, Community Skating Party.)

  • Improve the quality of life in your neighbourhood

  • Meet your neighbours!

Types of Memberships

According to the CHPH Community Association By-Laws there are two types of memberships:


Regular Members

This type of membership is available for any resident that lives within either the subdivision of Coach Hill or Patterson Heights; or any person owning a residence or residential premise within this geographic area. Regular Members can vote at Annual General Meetings and run for office.


Associate Members

This type of membership is available for individuals that do not live within the subdivisions of Coach Hill or Patterson Heights; and/or do not own a residence in the area. Associate Members cannot vote at Annual General Meetings.



Memberships are just $20 per household! Memberships are annual, and are effective January 1- December 31. 

Meetings and Financials

Our monthly board meetings are open to all members of the community and held the second Tuesday of the month. We are currently doing a hybrid style meeting where we meet in person and on Zoom. 

Did you know as a member of CHPH you are entitled to review both the meeting minutes and our financial statements? While we do not post these publicly, they are available to members upon request. 

To attend a meeting, review the minutes or receive a copy of financial statements, please email

Purchase a Membership or Log Into Existing Account


To purchase a new membership: 

You will first need to create an account. Click "Do Not Have a Username" then click "Create New Account". 

To log into your existing membership account for the first time with the new membership system: 

A username has been automatically generated for your account, so click on the link that says "Forgot Username". Your username will be emailed to the email address associated with your membership. Now you will be able to log into your CHPH membership account. Once in, you may need to update your profile with the names of your family members within your household.

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