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Community Engagement Phase 1

In January and February 2021, we sought feedback from the community on our proposed activity hub. We received over 300 responses and a summary of the responses are below:

Do you support or oppose the development of a Community Active Space?

308 responses

1% 1.6% 2% 9.7% 86%

Top Assets

0 50 100 150 200 Ice Rink Basketball Court Community Gardens Tennis/Pickleball Courts Fire Pits 187 79 35 36 23

In which community do you reside?

308 responses

1% 11% 21.5% 22.8% 43%

Top Programs and/or Activities

0 20 40 60 80 100 Youth Sports/Fitness Fitness/Yoga Community Events Tennis/Pickleball In-line Skating 75 91 54 43 36 18 Senior Activities


The most listed activities were skating related, with 146 people saying skating/skate and 53 people specifically mentioning hockey. 


Some mentioned a separate skating track.

While many people mentioned soccer and baseball, we must mention that the soccer fields and baseball diamond at the site are city owned/maintained and not part of the proposed activity hub. They remain a valuable piece of infrastructure in our community and will not be affected by the Outdoor Activity Hub development. 

Tennis was also mentioned by many residents. CHPH already has City-Owned Tennis Courts within its boundaries. The twin courts are located at 5804 Patina Drive SW and were upgraded in 2020 to include Pickleball lines, making them multi-purpose. 

While not noted in the first round of feedback, it is a priority for the CA to have this space be accessible for all users regardless of mobility, so a priority will be including pathways leading through the space.

Community Engagement Phase 2

In April we sought feedback from the community on the conceptual design of the proposed activity hub. We received 323 responses and a summary of the responses are below.

Does this plan add value to the community?

Do you see yourself/your family using this space?

The proposed design will provide a safe, accessible environment?

The design lives up to the proposed intentions as a community gathering space for all ages and activities.

What are your favourite elements of this design?.

Do you see this as a multi-season, multi-use space?

Does this give the community a gathering space?

Would you support a playground zone in this area, along Coach Hill Rd.?

What community do you live in?

Which elements of the natural playground most interest you?

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