New Developments


Even though the Coach Hill Patterson Heights community is relatively well established, there are still a number of developments occurring both within and around our community. We try to provide the most up to date information about these developments so our residents are up to date on what is happening. We also encourage you to provide your input on these developments to ensure our Councillor and The City of Calgary is aware of our concerns and/or support for the projects.


For any more information about these topics please contact either the Director of Expansion and Development at or the President at  Emails are sent out to members informing them of up coming open houses held by developers. We only contact our members through emails. To make sure you are kept up to date with current developments please add your active email address to your file. If you are not a CHPH Community Association member yet, please consider joining.

Outdoor Activity Hub

We are in the beginning stages of developing the current Adopt-a-Rink site into a more permanent year-round outdoor recreation facility. For more information on this project please visit the Outdoor Activity Hub page of our website.

High School Redesignation

In the fall of 2019 the Calgary Board of Education began a high school engagement process to deal with the over-capacity issues that some Calgary high schools are facing. At the time of the initial engagement, Ernest Manning High School, which was the designated high school for Coach Hill and Patterson Heights prior to the 2020-2021 school year, was at 120% capacity with projections of it reaching 140% capacity within the next several years. Shortly after the first phase of the engagement the CBE made the decision to re-designate Coach Hill/Patterson Heights in the interim to Central Memorial High School for the 2020-21 school year. In early 2021 they made the decision to make the redesignation permanent for our community; however, the high school to which CHPH's students will be attending is still in discussion. More information about the CBE high school engagement and the CHPH redesignation can be found here.


Paskapoo Slopes / Trinity Hills / Medicine Hill 

The Paskapoo Slopes is the escarpment to the west and northwest of Patterson Heights, which extends 4 km along Highway 1 to COP. They are a significant environmental feature that was formed during the Pleistocene Epoch by the action and movement of Glacial Lake Calgary. 

The 260-acre area was sold to a commercial property developer, Trinity Development Group, and In 2015 City Council approved the application to develop approximately 100 acres of land on the Paskapoo Slopes into a mixed-use site with retail, office and residential units to be called Medicine Hill. For more information on the project please visit the Trinity Hills website

This project is now in public engagement. Give your input here:

Southwest Ring Road

For anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic trying to turn north onto Sarcee from Bow Trail, the new ring road is much anticipated. Here is a link to more information, dates and expected delays:

New Cannabis Store in Coach Hill Plaza

DP2018-2490- Approved

We received a great deal of feedback regarding this Development Permit.  All comments from community residents both positive and negative were sent to the City for feedback on this application.  The City decided to approve this location for a cannabis store as it meets all of the application requirements.

Detailed information on the regulations for land uses, permits and application requirements for Cannabis Stores and other cannabis businesses are available online at

​TELUS Pure Fibre Installation

TELUS expects to work in our community until 2023 installing fibreoptic. 

Information about TELUS Pure Fibre:

What to expect during construction:

Coach Ridge Estates

Located at 11th Avenue and Coach Ridge Road SW, this development led to the permanent closure of 10th & 11th Avenue access between Coach Hill & West Springs communities.

For more information on the development see


Past/Historical Developments


Hart House


The Crandell-Hart House is a historical residence located in our community. Once owned by Stu Hart, it was home to his extensive family made world famous for their accomplishments in professional wrestling. While no longer under ownership of the Harts, the mansion continues to be referred to as the Hart House. The 5,600-square-foot home, sits on 2.17 acres of land and was built in 1902 by businessman Edward Crandell. It was converted into the Soldiers' Children's Home for Orphans in 1920 and then bought by Judge Henry Stuart Patterson from the Crandells. Sold to Stu Hart in 1951 for $25,000, the three story brick house has had many famous professional wrestlers as well as political and entertainment figures pass through its doors. In its Hart-owned state, it featured twenty-two rooms, four fireplaces, five chandeliers from Edmonton's historic McDonald Hotel, two porches, a view of downtown Calgary, and a coach house behind the main house. Members of the professional wrestling community around the world hold a great deal of appreciation and respect for the Hart House and the legacy it holds. (Source:

2018- SB2016-0219 The City of Calgary approved the Change of Use to Bare Land Condominium for 10 units including the existing Hart House.

Please contact the Director of Expansion and Development if you have any questions at

Hart House

Permanent Closure of 10th & 11th Avenue access between Coach Hill & West Springs communities

When the community of Coach Hill was first built, it was on the City limits.  The 10th & 11th Avenue roads were acreage roads leading out from the community.  When West Springs sprouted, to avoid traffic using those roads as a shortcut to connect to Old Banff Coach Road, our community association worked with the City to close access on 10th Avenue at the Coach Hill Road end, and on 11th Avenue at the 73th Street end. 

The Coach Hill Cares Committee has worked tirelessly to ensure that the road closures stay in place, and also requested the park-like setting on the 10th Avenue bike path at Coach Hill Road.  They have also worked to with the City on the change to the 11th Avenue closure which has now relocated from 73th Street to Coach Ridge Road end due to the increase in development on the West Spring side of the road. 

We have been assured from the City that the increase in density coming to 11th Avenue West  Springs side, will not open up the route which is a relief to Coach Hill residents that live nearby.


Former CHPH Community Association Building

The CHPH Community Association has not operated the building located at 60 Patterson Blvd. SW since 2005. 


In September of 2005, the building came under the operational control of Badminton Alberta. Badminton Alberta together with the support of the Badminton Alberta Foundation, Badminton Calgary and other support agencies.


Please note the rink behind this building is not maintained and is not available for use by the community as a skating/hockey rink, nor is it open for public use during the summer.