Project Background

Due to declining use, in 2005 the CHPH Community Association did not renew the lease on the building located at 60 Patterson Blvd. SW and since that time has not had a building nor operated a hockey rink. The building, and the old hockey rink behind it, came under the operational control of Badminton Alberta who does not maintain the rink for skating.  

Over the past three winters, the CHPH Community Association has participated in the City of Calgary’s Adopt-a-Rink volunteer program, giving our community a place to be active and spend time with friends, family, and neighbours. Pre COVID, the CHPH also used the space to host several community skating parties, which were very well attended. 

When the Coach Hill Patterson Heights Community Association first launched the adopt-a-rink program their goal was to gauge community interest and determine whether permanent amenities would be utilized and valued. Our little rink’s popularity and success made it clear to the CHPH CA that our community is in much need of a permanent, all-season recreational hub. A place to be active, spend time outdoors, connect with neighbours, and build community spirit. 

chph proposed hub site C o a c h H i l l R d . C o a c h H i l l R d . C o a c h w a y R d . C o a c h w a y R d . C o a c h B l u ff C r e s . C o a c h B l u ff C r e s . Coach H i l l F i e l d Site of proposed plan
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Project Overview

In the fall of 2020, the Coach Hill Patterson Heights Community Association Board of Directors approved the commencement of an Outdoor Activity Hub project for the community. In January 2021 a committee of board members and community volunteers was formed to oversee this project. 

Project Management Committee
Samantha Domagala, Project Lead, CHPH Adopt A Rink,
Voula Martin, Co-Project Lead, CHPH Communications Director,
Adrienne McGarvey, CHPH President,
Talena Klypak-Borbely, CHPH Vice-President,
Marcie Miranda - Communications
Smita Sharma - Treasurer,

Facility Name
Coach Hill - Patterson Heights Outdoor Activity Hub (subject to change)

Facility Location
6840 Coach Hill Road S.W.​ (the same location as the Adopt-a-Rink at the Coach Hill Fields)

Community Engagement Surveys

In January and February of 2021, the committee began the first phase of community engagement to determine if CHPH residents supported the project and if so, what elements were most important to them.  The survey was advertised to the residents via hand-delivered marketing materials, Canada Post mail-out, and posters in some condos' communal spaces. It was also promoted through member emails, on the community Facebook page, and Bold Signs located on Old Banf Coach Road. We also included information in the  CHPH Broadcaster, Westsprings/Cougar Ridge and Aspen community newsletters, and the Aspen Websites. The survey closed on February 15, 2021. A big thank you to all of the members of our community who took the time to provide their feedback.

Using feedback from the first survey we engaged a local architect, FAAS, or a conceptual design. The concepts were delivered to the committee by the end of March and the second community engagement ran from April 15 to 30.  

FAAS is currently working on technical drawings, the Hub committee is obtaining grants, contractor quotes, and working with the city on timing.