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About Coach Hill & Patterson Heights

Coach Hill Patterson Heights (CHPH) is located in Calgary’s southwest. Coach Hill was annexed in 1956 and development began in the late 1970’s. It is a mixed residential development, containing single detached dwellings, townhouses and apartments. The area got its name because it is located along Old Banff Coach Road, which was once used by stage coach travellers heading to Banff.


Patterson Heights was first developed in the 1980’s. Prior to that, it consisted primarily of individually owned acreages. There are two main landmarks in Patterson Heights. The first is CFCN tower, which contributed to the area being referred to as Broadcast Hill. During the 1988 Winter Olympic Games, the Broadcast Hill Media Village was located in Patterson Heights. The apartments have since been converted into condominiums. Secondly, there is a historic brick house that was the original home of the Crandel family, who owned the first brick factory in Alberta. The factory was near the Brickburn Railway Station in present day Edworthy Park. The Crandel house was later purchased by the Patterson family, for whom the community is ultimately named.


Coach Hill Patterson Heights offers easy access to downtown via Bow Trail. Because of its elevation, there are also excellent views in the area. The community has many parks, green spaces, playgrounds, soccer pitches, and baseball diamonds. In the winter, community volunteers run an Adopt-a-Rink adjacent to the soccer fields on Coach Hill Road for pleasure skating. In the fall of 2020 the community association began the planning stages for a new community Outdoor Activity Hub to be built in the same location as the Adopt-a-Rink, at the Coach Hill Field.


The community association boundaries are: Sarcee Trail to the North and East, Bow Trail to the South, and 69 Street/Coach Hill Road to the West.


Although the Coach Hill Patterson Heights community does not have a lot of commercial establishments within its geographic boundaries, it does have access to a number of great schools, churches, sports and recreational areas.

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