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To help the community better understand the project we have compiled a list of the Frequently Asked Questions. This will be a living document and we will be added to it as the project progresses. 

Do you have a question or concern that isn't addressed here? Please contact our project manager.

  • Where is the proposed location of the CHPH Outdoor Activity Hub?
    The Outdoor Activity Hub will be located in the north west quadrant of the Coach Hill Fields.
  • Why isn't the community association using the existing skating/hockey rink that's located in Patterson?
    The rink located behind the building at 60 Patterson Blvd SW is not owned by the Community Association. It is on land that is leased and maintained by Badminton Alberta, and is not available for public use.
  • Will the Outdoor Activity Hub replace the soccer fields or baseball diamond?
    No. The soccer fields and baseball diamond are city owned/maintained and not part of the proposed activity hub. They remain a valuable piece of infrastructure in our community and will not be affected by the Outdoor Activity Hub development.
  • I'm concerned about parking. During soccer season the road is very busy and parking is often an issue. Will there be additional parking available?
    In the summer, when there is not a soccer event at the fields, we don't anticipate the traffic to be excessive because not everyone will be using the Hub at the same time. Additionally, many users will walk or ride their bikes to the site in the summer. If you are having an issue with cars parking in inappropriate spots, call 311 to report the issue, date and time.
  • When the street is congested with parked cars, it can be dangerous for young children and families to cross the street. Will any safety precautions be taken to ensure the safety of the community?"
    The Coach Hill Patterson Heights Community Association is working hard to have the speed limit reduced to 30km/hr along the field, which will make the street much safer for the children playing at the Outdoor Activity Hub, and for children and families crossing the road. Additionally, we are working to have a crosswalk added along that stretch of road, to provide a safe place for children and families to cross.
  • My children don't play hockey but still love to skate. Why is the hockey rink so much bigger than the pleasure skating rink?
    The main skating surface is not intended for hockey exclusively. Some days there will be more pleasure skaters than hockey players, so the nets can be moved so only half the surface is used for hockey, or off the ice completely, if necessary.
  • Why doesn't the design include rink boards? Won't pucks be flying everywhere?
    After careful consideration, the CHPH CA has decided to proceed with a non-boarded rink for several reasons: A non-boarded sport surface (basketball/skating) is more aesthetically pleasing. Boards limit the activities the space can be used for. A boarded rink is more costly. Boards make snow clearing more difficult. Just like with traditional pond-style hockey, flying pucks are not generally a significant issue; however, we are taking these concerns into consideration and are currently exploring alternatives.
  • Will there be safety procedures in place for the firepits?
    The OAH Committee is currently exploring different options for the firepits. If we decide to use wood burning fire pits we will ensure they are monitored by community volunteers, and put away at night. If we use gas lines to fuel the fire pits they will be on timers so they cannot be turned on past a specific time in the evening. Additionally, we have spoken with other communities with fire pits, both gas and wood, and have heard only positive feedback.
  • I'm concerned that the space will only invite late-night partying and criminal behaviour.
    It has been shown that developing a community meeting space like this one creates a more cohesive friendly community environment and results in reduced criminal and anti-social behaviour.
  • I’m worried the lights will be on all night and shine into my house.
    The lights will be turned off by 10pm and the design will ensure the most minimal impact on neighbouring homes.
  • It looks like the basketball court/skating rink doesn't have a fence. I'm concerned about basketballs rolling into the street and the safety hazard that creates.
    We wish to keep this area non-fenced to reduce costs and keep the area free from visual obstructions. However, we are working with the designer to come up with a solution to keep balls off the road.
  • I'm disappointed the plan doesn't include tennis courts/pickleball courts, as there aren't any in the area."
    There are actually several tennis courts with pickleball lines in the area. There are two public courts that are city-owned and managed. One is a double court in Patterson Heights, on Patina Drive, and the other is a single court in West Springs on 77th. There are also two community-run courts close by, one in Strathcona and one in Christie Park, that can be used by anyone with a valid SCA Community Association membership, which is only $20 per family per year.
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