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BBQ Fundraiser with Spolombos

It’s almost Camping and Grilling Season so back by request is our Spolumbo's Fundraiser!

Order from May 1 - June 7th

Pick up your order Wednesday 21st 4:30-5:30pm Location: TBD.

To order, fill out the form here:

Payment can be made by E-transfer to, or cash/check.

You can also email with your order.

All sausages are gluten free and do not contain binders, preservatives or fillers. Chicken sausages are available in a pork free-casing.

Spicy Italian $100.00

Mild Italian $100.00

Bratwurst $100.00

Chorizo $100.00

Jalapeno Cheddar $100.00

Chicken Apple $117.00

Chicken Roasted Pepper $117.00

Maple Breakfast Sausage (Qty 157) $100.00

Meatballs Qty: 96 $85.00

Spolumbo Burger (35 patties) $115.00

Chicken Sun Burger $122.00

Beef Lasagna (3-4 portions) $18.00/ea

Marinara Sauce (12 Jars)$81.00

Tailgate BBQ Sauce$81.00Cured Salami Sticks$88.00


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